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NPS Planning
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Appendix A: WASO Consultation and Coordination Procedures
A.1 Guidance for Project Agreements
A.2 Guidance for Federal Register Notices
A.3 Clearance to Print Public Documents
A.4 Steps for Posting a Planning Document for WASO Review in PEPC
Appendix B: Project Initiation
B.1 Example of a PMIS Statement
B.2 Examples of Project Agreement Sections
Appendix C: Examples of Legal Requirement Sections
C.1 Boundary Adjustment and Land Protection Criteria
C.2 Examples of Documentation
Appendix D: Public Involvement
D.1 Advisory Groups and the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA)
D.2 A Template for Public Involvement (pdf)
D.3 Consultations with Native Americans
D.4 Working with the Media
D.5 Public Meeting (Open House) Pointers
D.6 Additional Sources of Information - 2009 Revision
D.7 Examples of Public Involvement Strategies
D.8 Standard Text on the Release of Personal Identifying Information on Public Comments
D.9 Helpful Ideas and Tips for Public Involvement in GMPs - 2009 Revision
Appendix E: Foundation Statements
E.1 Examples of How All Elements of a Foundation Statement Interrelate
E.2 Considerations for Identifying Important Cultural Resources and Values
E.3 Examples of Special Mandates
E.4 Example of Resources and Values Considered but Determined Not to Be Fundamental to the Purpose of the Park
E.5 Example of Analysis of Other Important Resources and Values
E.6 Example Demonstrating the Relationship between Significance Statements and Primary Interpretive Themes
E.7 Examples of Servicewide Legal and Policy Requirements
Appendix F: Alternatives
F.1 Examples of Alternative Concepts Emphasizing Various Interpretive Themes
F.2 Examples of Alternative Concepts for GMPs
F.3 Example of Potential Management Zones
F.4 Example of Area-Specific Desired Conditions and Needed Changes
F.5 Examples of Activities and Developments to Consider in Management Zones
Appendix G: User Capacity
Appendix H: Examples of GMP Cost Estimating Tools
H.1 Facility Planning Model
H.2 CRV Calculator
Appendix I: Impact Analysis
I.1 Examples of Impact Threshold Definitions - 2009 Revision
I.2 Cumulative Effects Analysis
I.3 Example of Mitigation Measures Commonly Used in GMP Action Alternatives
Appendix J: Choosing by Advantages and Environmentally Preferred Alternative
J.1 Sample Worksheet for Choosing by Advantages
J.2 Example of Choosing by Advantages Worksheets
J.3 The Environmentally Preferred Alternative — Examples
Appendix K: Project Completion
K.1 Post-Project Review Form
- 2009 Revision
K.2 Administrative Record Guidance from the U.S. Department of Justice
K.3 Administrative Record Contents
K.4 Example of a ROD for a GMP/EIS
K.5 Example of a FONSI for a GMP/EA
K.6 Example of a Briefing Statement for Approval to Print a GMP
K.7 Possible Approaches for Organizing a Final GMP
Appendix L: Planning Data Needs and Sources
L.1 General References
L.2 National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Guidance
- 2009 Revision
L.3 Natural Resources
- 2009 Revision
L.4 Social Science
L.5 Cultural Resources
- 2009 Revision
L.6 Real Property Assets
L.7 Other Reference Websites
2009 Revision
Appendix M: Annotated List of Applicable Laws, Executive Orders, and Policies
M.1 Federal Laws
- 2009 Revision
M.2 Executive Orders
- 2009 Revision
M.3 Policies and Procedures
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